For many years my husband Stock and I have dreamed of taking our paints and easels on the road for a one year, cross country, plein air painting adventure. Living out of our 1955 Shasta trailer, hitting all the landscape hotspots, checking in on organized plein air happenings across the country, and living the painter’s dream.

An interesting series of events occurred recently, that led us to revisit our personal version of the Endless Summer. Now everything has fallen into place, and our long dreamed of journey is within reach.

Our goal is to visit and paint many of the places we have read about and seen in various film clips over the years. We are at a stage in life that if we are to do such a thing the time is now. Exploring this great land we live in will be an exciting adventure. We hope you’ll join us.

Our quest begins in May 2016 From Eureka California. First we’ll head east, and from there the possibilities seem endless! One thing is for sure, we will paint everyday and blog frequently here at pleinairpassage.com @ Instagram + TravelPod + Twitter + FaceBook. Open road ahead, almost!

Now we face the last and most challenging piece of the puzzle, securing the funds necessary for this once in a lifetime journey. Please be part of our dream and pick a reward that suits you and thanks a million for your patronage!

We look forward to sharing Plein Air Passage with you! us


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