Rockhound State Park New Mexico

rockhound-copy We are slowing inching our way toward warm weather. When we woke up in Bisbee AZ this morning it was quite cold. The elevation is 5,300 which matters a lot in winter. We’ll hit Bisbee again in April, on our way back through to Sedona for the plein air event we’re scheduled to participate in, and it may still be cold! After we left Bisbee this morning we headed south thinking warmer weather, and found an interesting looking place on the map called Rockhound State Park in New Mexico. We love New Mexico and we kind of like rockhounding. Well, it’s one of the coldest places we’ve been to yet with the exception of the Grand Canyon’s south rim end of October. The wind is the culprit at Rockhound. The landscape is beautiful yet strange and kind of lonely. Jagged mountains shoot up off hundreds of miles of flat plains and the range looks slanted like it’s being blown by the wind…it probably is. Now that we’ve come this far we’ll stay for a couple days, then head for Texas and stay south for the winter. It’s time to find a beach and paint a palm tree.

By Rachel


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