Monument Valley session by Stock

monumentWe are in the thriving metropolis of Bluff Utah, it’s on the way to Monument Valley. We were late getting out of dodge, and it was getting dark so took the available camp site. It was nice, quiet and reasonable. We made a run of about 40 miles out to Monument Valley Park. It was like riding shotgun with the Duke and yelling at Shane to come back. It’s so huge it is an amazing ten miles before you even get there. Since we paid to get in we drove the road if one can call it that, through the park. Sweet bjezzes, what a rock infested bumpy rut mongering mess. The weird part is it was packed with tourists driving like they were on the Baja 500 cross country marathon. They must have all had rental cars. Stopped at Artist Point and viewed the spot where a zillion paintings have been done, easy to see why. Too damn many people. We stopped on the backside and I did this. I think it is called Totem Pole.


2 thoughts on “Monument Valley session by Stock

  1. Beautiful painting! I want it! Too bad Monument Valley has gotten so crowded. We were there years ago and it was practically deserted with a really nice Native American run campground perched right over the valley. A lightning storm came over us and we sheltered in the car with a stray camp cat. Good memories. Can’t wait to see where you go next!


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