Mesa Verde by Stock and Rachel

The cave dwellings were thought to have been inhabited by the Anasazi, but research has determined that they were ancestors of the Puebloan. The first thing you think of when you see this place is how the heck did they water their crops? There are no creeks on the mesas themselves. Well, they didn’t have to water anything, they were dryland farmers, and the soil on the mesa is the perfect balance of sand and clay to hold water very well and the winter’s snow pack is kept in the soil until the monsoon rains of July and August. So at least back then the weather pattern watered the crops. Some speculate that drought is the reason they abandoned the area. In three or four years any stored food supplies would be exhausted.

We would’ve have liked to stay on awhile longer, and do more studies.  The subject is challenging and very exciting. When we arrived there were only tree days left of the season. The park closes Oct.20th. Luckily we were encouraged to apply for an artist residency next season. Fingers crossed!

by Rachel
by Stock 

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