Ghost Ranch

Here we are at Ghost Ranch! The enchanted land of Georgia O’Keeffe, where she did the bulk of her work. There is a spirit here that goes beyond the relatively recent history of the western world. As recent as 210 million years ago this place was alive with activity. In 1947 Paleontologists found the largest fossil deposit of Coelophysis bones ever found. Artifacts of the prehistoric cultures of the Tewa and Gallina are evidence that the Chama River has been inhabited for a long time. We’ve noticed that ancient native cultures seem to have been drawn to anomalies in the landscape. Not far south of here are extensive cliff dwellings. Ghost Ranch is a hub of activity to this day. There are retreats of all kinds, workshops in Geology, Archaeology, Paleontology, Calligraphy, Jewelry, Photography, as well as Painting, Drawing, Writing, Poetry, Pottery, you name it you can find it here. Oh, and an O’Keeffe emersion class! It’s quite a place, set in a truly magnificent landscape. over-padernal


One thought on “Ghost Ranch

  1. Hiya sweeties…..I can write to you again cuz I paid my bill, hahahahaha I hope Blake got the check and put it right into your account. sent a short note with it explaining myself. So that’s taken care of. And I’m soooo sorry that I was late getting the monies to you. Hope everything is working out okay for you.

    Alicia and I did the Plein air thingy out at the Cove this past weekend. I’m getting way too old to be dragging that cart around loaded down with 100 lbs of pastels! Damn those things are heavy. Who could imagine little sticks together can weigh so much. Sure was easier when I used oils. I did pretty good. Won the “quick draw” at Benbow. Got King Award at the reception (BLM) and got honorable mention on the quick draw out at the lighthouse. Poor Alicia didn’t get anything. But the competition is much more stronger with oils than pastels. Only 2-3 of us pastelists. John Crater was there as well as Andrew Daniels and Michelle Ferguson. So it was like old home week. Man John is such a good artist these days. I couldn’t believe the quick draw he did at the Cove. God,. it was beautiful.

    My daughter Karen and I will be traveling down to PalAlto this Monday 24th. Tim goes into Stanford on that day and is operated on Thur the 27th. He has to get in there early so they can build him up. He weighs 98 lbs now. Just skin and bones. The operation on his throat and mouth will take about 8 hours and he will be in the hospital at least another week if not longer. So the kid ain’t doing too good these days. He’s got the feeding tube back in and the tumor is growing again. Plus he’s getting alot of pain in his head. All the bullshit they put him thru last March-April was for naught. Several people have told me that now they do the operation BEFORE radiation or chemo. So things ain’t looking too good right now. We just have to wait, hope and pray for him. Give us a couple of Hail Marys, okay?

    Wish I could be out there with you in the wilds of New Mexico. I love it there. The desert is just magnificent and can’t imagine what it looks like in the fall. Only been there early summer, late spring. Virgil and I spent 4 days up at Angel Fire as a gift when we bought our timeshare in Carlsbad, CAlif. Loved Taos. Love you kids gobs and thanks for the postcards. Youre the best. Ralphie >


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