Pilar Mountain by Stock

pilar-no-2-stockI met some painters yesterday from San Diego. We decided to get together and paint, and had a great time. They are off to Santa Fe today, owners of a brand new painting! After we painted I offered to do a demonstration of some of the things I’ve learned over the years to help them along in their quest of painting en plein air. It was quick, with two large brushes and my advice: “Keep it simple, tell the story, then shut up!” They purchased the demo as well. That’s a good day in the field. Thanks folks!


2 thoughts on “Pilar Mountain by Stock

  1. Hiya kids. We’ve been watching you guys. This is so cool. You’ve inspired me so much. I’ve finally started painting again. Alicia Tredway and I are doing the Plein Air event over at the Cove. I did it the first year but hated driving that road everyday. Swore I wouldn’t do it again. But was talked into it. We’re staying out at the Cove in the Beachcomber Inn, across from the campground. I can’t drive at night so didn’t get to participate in the evening activities but now we can. So between you guys and Cietha Wilson egging me on, I’m back in the saddle.
    As for my kid Tim, he’s on a short vacation with Holly down at Carlsbad near San Diego
    But his news ain’t so good. Chemo/radiation treatments didn’t knock out the cancer. So he’s scheduled for a very invasive operation on Oct 24th. Keep your fingers crossed for him. Stull the same old Tim tho and he’s quit smoking as did Virgil. But I’m still/will keep smoking. Shame on me. Anyways kids, continue having fun and enjoying ypurselves. You are our beacon. Much loves.
    Ralphie Xooooxxxxxoox


    1. Hi Ralphie! How are ya? How’s Virgil? We want to invite you to a small gathering to celebrate our special patrons. It’s at Stock’s studio, he just moved back in today! The party will be Friday June 2nd at 4-pm. Hope you can make it. You’re welcome to spend the night in our little trailer, it’s comfy cozy. I heard Tim is struggling, I’m so sorry. Give you a call tomorrow. Would be awesome to see you. Love you! ~Me and Stock


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