The Road and all!


Left Castle Rock feeling all warm and fuzzy after a week with the grand kids. We had a great stay and did a ton of chores that had to be done. Without Jason and Carol’s generous hospitality it would’ve been a very daunting task. We were so clogged up with paintings we could hardly function. We were also running out of critical supplies. We found a good art store in Colorado Springs and retooled. We processed 2 4×8 sheets of panel material. Priming them and renting a table saw to cut them into the varying sizes. We cataloged over 100 works of art titled, dated, and signed them. Then we wrapped, boxed and shipped them home. Our stay there marked the ¼ mark of our year on the road. It seems like we have traveled a million miles and seen the universe unfold before us in a heartbeat. I could go on and on and never touch on the thousands of noteworthy things that have become the norm living on the road. The great luxury that we have is we’re not in a hurry. We don’t have an agenda or a time table we are in this sense truly nomadic. We go where the wind takes us. We have kept to the back roads and small towns whenever possible. When we do find ourselves on the big iron snake, it is shocking, the roar and pace is daunting. We keep our heads down and head for the “two lane”
We came out of the storm and landed in Creede Colorado. It’s a very fine small town tucked into the San Juan Mountains. We’re in a little campground of only six sites. We ended up here because our good friends Eric and Aline from Humboldt County who were instrumental in helping us on our quest. They have been coming to this area for 30 years and thought we would like it. They were right. In fact we like it so much that they have moved on and we are still here. Thank you, Eric and Aline! This place is rich in beauty and history. Back in the day there were huge silver deposits found here and the relics of that era dot the landscape. The town itself is quite cultural. It has several galleries and is world renown for its repertory theater. We took in some of the plays they were excellent. We spend our days painting and finding places to paint. That and dodging the weather every day is an adventure. It’s cold it’s hot it’s cold again, then the wind blows like hell, the skies darken, thunder rolls and lightning strikes, it rains, hails, and the wind stops, then picks up and blows like hell from another direction and it starts all over again. And that is before noon. And then we get a day like today, it’s just lovely. I like the variety and change of pace. We’ve got it all. Thanks everyone for tagging along with us I makes it even richer.


4 thoughts on “The Road and all!

  1. Love the sharing…your writing story is just great. Was missing youse some yesterday. Studios just not the same. But more happy you are out there in space doing what you love. Today’s story makes me think of being out of ‘time’ & in ‘eternity’, which quickly does away with time. What you are doing invites a yearning in me, but I don’t think it includes painting. Maybe just walking in these glorious landscapes as much as I want. Slows me right down just thinking about it. Kinda what do in Hawaii for two months each year now, come to think of it.
    Aloha plenty and thanks plenty too for these little inner rides! Harry


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