August was a Thrill.

GrizGrizz by Rachel

We landed in Cody Wyoming on Aug. 1st. We had no idea how amazing things were about to get. We had it all. Camping was off the charts. We stayed along the north fork of the Shoshone river, in a camp called Big Game. At first we had’t realized that we were camped in a major fly fishing destination. Soon as we found out, Stock got a Wyoming fishing license and angled  daily for our dinner. He landed Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Kokanee Salmon. We ate quite well during our 16 day stay at Big Game! We also enjoyed being 20 miles outside Yellow Stone Park, where there are Grizzlies, Elk, Big Horn and Moose just to mention a few. We finally saw a Moose and her calf, outside the park and that was truly  amazing. It’s one thing to see animals in the park and quite another to see them wild and thriving in their natural home with the space they need…

The landscape is another story. Crazy crags, chimneys and spires that look strangely animated…we reverently referred to then as our ancestors.  While we painted Stock would asked me to pinch him and I obliged, I’m sure it helped his grounding.

The Buffalo Bill Museum was  great, food was great, skies-awesome! Thunderheads…omg!   We lived a dream together and painted our hearts out.  Thanks for the spark Wyoming!









3 thoughts on “August was a Thrill.

  1. Stock & Rachel — Is there a way we can contact you by e-mail? We don’t do Twitter, Instagram, etc. Wonderful to see your rich work and hear from you. Love, Jim & Sherry Gandee


    1. Hi Jim and Sherry! How are both? We are finally settling back in at home. Stock moved back into his studio today. We would like to invite you both to a Patron gathering at Stock’s studio Friday, June 2nd at 4-pm. It’s a chance to see our paintings before the public arrives for Open Studios and Arts Alive the following day. Also, It’s a way for us to say thank you in person, in a small gathering.

      Hope you can make it. I will be available to do your portraits anytime after June 10th Hope you’re doing well, I looking forward to seeing you!
      xo Rachel


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