Summit Peak, by Stock

13612106_1489669507729292_4960232454850502450_nI wanted to repost this beautiful painting by Stock. We are now in the third month of our journey and second week in Wyoming. We love Wyoming as much as we loved Montana. They are similar but different enough to have distinct personalities.  It’s been an awsome experience looking at life in a new way with a sense of freedom that is difficult to have when you’re tied to one place. The ability to just paint is truly a gift. Each day is a blessing and has special meaning because it is rare to have this opportunity.


4 thoughts on “Summit Peak, by Stock

  1. Rachel, I can feel the story your words
    are describing. Thanks for body rush of
    feeling freedom in that way.

    This is a wonderful painting alright!!!!!

    Just got home from a sunset from Woodly
    Island, where I discovered rabbits at the
    Solstice. Keep returning now. Great
    to think of you out there in space so
    free. 😻 😻


    1. Hi Jill! Montana was off the charts for us on so many levels. We are happy to send paintings from the road with free shipping. We’re sending some paintings home soon, to store. Then it will be a bit more difficult to send and will have to charge shipping. So glad you’re enjoying the posts and Thank you!


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