Summit Peak, by Stock

Summit PeakWe’ve been driving by this scene going back and forth from camp to East Glacier. It kept catching my eye. It was always in the evening so it was back lit with lots of shadow. I usually like to paint these kinds of subjects because they offer lots of contrast. This was looking west in the morning and we know where the sun comes up. So full on light it is. I did one the other day and thought it could have been better. It puts the sun at your back so to keep it off the pallet and painting surface you have to turn away from the subject and turn around to see what you are painting. You might say why not use an umbrella? The wind will launch your entire outfit across the landscape is why. It seems that any direction I want to look is the direction the wind wants to blow from. So I hide behind the truck and peek out from one side to the other, while screaming a blue streak of obscenities at the wind. Yes I do feel stupid yelling at the weather. But it works as well as anything else.


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