Two Medicine, by Stock

Two medicineWe are now in East Glacier. We made the big move yesterday. Well not that big, it was only 65 miles. But it is so different here. The traffic is minimal compared to the steady stream of humanity racing nose to tail up to Logan Pass and back. We are staying at Summit Campground at Marias Pass. It is the rout through the Rockies that allowed the Railroad to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It was completed in the 1890’s. It was known to the natives and used long before the white man, as a passage between the great plains and the mountains. The Rails are still rattling the night a hundred twenty years later. Did I mention it’s windy? As if we hadn’t had enough, we drove up on highway 49 and stood on this great over-look where it was really windy! We tried to hide behind the truck and the brush. As a painter it drives you crazy.


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