Our 4th of July synopsis.

It’s been an entire month on the road less traveled. Hauling a 1955 Shasta (canned ham) trailer is not something you see anymore. Most RVs on the road are relatively new with air-conditioning, toilet dishwasher and shower.

Finding shade is a must for our vantage trailer. We’ve made  upgrades to “Juno”and with much assistance from our friend Eric Furman we have an impressive solar power system that can even handle the gas fridge. And our little electric fan helps a lot in the heat.

Once we settle on a campsite, Stock releases the truck from the trailer and puts it on jacks while I unpack and setup our home. Then we seek the showers, do laundry and post if we can. Internet is pretty iffy in rural camps even with our Mifi. Having a camp host is important too because we leave our trailer unattended while looking for places to paint.

Typically mornings are for coffee and making paintings. After lunch we do whatever, which in most cases, by the end of the day produces another painting or two.

Evenings are spent making dinner and relaxing. We turn in early with a good read. No more Netflix…except once a month we get a motel room, kick back, enjoy a long shower and spend hours posting and catching up with friends on Facebook, which we love.

Thanks everyone for helping us live this dream and just being there!FullSizeRender copy



4 thoughts on “Our 4th of July synopsis.

  1. sometime I may tell you about the two years Tommy, his brother Mark, their Dad and I lived in a 15 ft. camp trailer while Ray was in college. Have more fun every day! Love,peg


  2. We (Aline & Eric) are following your travel saga with great interest – sort of a vicarious travel.
    In May (this year) we spent a few days near Lolo Pass on highway 12 at the Lochsa Lodge – hiked and enjoyed the Lewis & Clark sites and stories. We had planned to go to Glacier for a few days, but the road was still a week or two away from being fully snowplowed and open. On August 20 we will leave for Colorado. We’ll keep reading your blog to wee where you are and if our paths might cross somewhere.
    Eric & Aline


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