“Mission Mountains”By Stock and Rachel

13567527_1466994343330142_2180080268241854233_nAbout time we got back to it. We’ve been off the grid for a few days. Sitting in Starbucks because getting good WiFi is not an easy thing. We saw some country…Oh boy, did we see some country! Left Cove Oregon Sunday morning. Thank you Katherine for a wonderful stay in your beautiful little town. We headed up 82 to Enterprise where we turned onto highway 3 and were on our way to Hells Canyon. For miles it seemed that nothing was going to even get to Heck let alone Hell. Miles of rolling hills with open grassland and timber. Then, there it was. Wow! It was early in the day so we didn’t set up to paint, we were open to camping if we could find the right spot, there were none. So much is dictated by the next place to camp that we sometimes bypass things we would like to paint. The road was winding and steep but not any worse than parts of Highway 1. we rolled out onto the high plains of Eastern Washington. Wheat. Lots of it, as far as the eye could see. Then in the distance we see this deep gorge, the land just rolls away down and down. It must drop 2 thousand feet. And there at the bottom it’s green and lush along the river that is damned to make a lake. It was so unexpected and such a strange landscape I wish we could have found a spot to paint. One of the towns was Lewiston. This put us on the Clearwater River following the Lewis and Clark route into Idaho, our third state for the day- if you don’t count the state of confusion… Highway 12 is just as scenic and quiet as 395. We found a great campground off the main road and stayed a couple of days. We even took a day off and went fishing. We dined on a fine 15″trout. Didn’t paint just kicked back along the river. It was quite hot in the afternoon. We had a long stretch of National forest to drive through and thought we would find a suitable place to camp. Not. the ones we found were too early on the journey and the ones late would not do. Such that we are now in Montana after a late stop in a little RV park in Jocko Hollow. We are on the road north on a recon mission to Glacier National Park. This is long winded but had to catch up. Here’s our first Montana paintings ever.Mission Morning Mountains


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