In Cove Oregon by Stock


Touched down in Cove Oregon. We’re visiting with a good friend and fellow artist Katherine Treffinger. Cove is a quiet little farming town in the northeastern part of the state not far from the Wallowa Mountains. We drove over to get a look at them yesterday. WOW! didn’t have my gear- we were just sight seeing. I will take a bite of them before I leave. it’s amazing how much and how fast the landscape changes here. I got up at 5:30 to study what the light does here first thing and painted this little guy.


One thought on “In Cove Oregon by Stock

  1. You’ve probably already noticed you’ve pretty much left people behind… If you go north you’ll find yourselves in Eastern WA, not precisely high desert (they can irrigate a hay crop in summer), but close. If you go northwest you can find your way through one of the big national forests to Missoula, doorway to Glacier National Park, through the back door, having crossed over the early Rockies of southern Idaho. Pretty cool stuff.


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