Old water truck paintings.

By Rachel and Stock, left to rt.

Great morning to paint. Mostly overcast skies with breaking clouds. Cool air, not too windy and lots of bird song. Stock’s truck painting is exactly how the old Dodge appeared in it’s setting. We can always count on Stock for attention to detail.

Close up of painting by RK, reveals a bug. Poor guy…this happens a lot when painting in the open air.

image.jpegStock writes -When we first got here nearly a week ago, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long, walked around to check out our new digs and this was the first thing I saw that I knew I had to paint. Today was the day. If you haven’t noticed by now I can’t resist old trucks. Tomorrow will be our last day here. The weather has been iffy but what a blast it’s been to spend some time in Cedarville.


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