Rush Creek Evening by Stock

IMG_0592We loved our camp in Modoc National forest outside Adin. Stock painted this yesterday evening, our last night. We could’ve stayed longer, seen more and painted more! The hiking is absolutely wonderful and stunning. But we had ants in our pants to move on down the road to Cedarville!

Cedarville,  is the hub of  Surprise Valley, where they say the the pavement ends and the west begins. Interestingly, it has one of the best independent bookstores in America – Michael Syke’s Floating Island Bookstore.

The valley has been a recreation destination for history buffs, rock-hounders, hikers, fisherman, back-country horseback riders, hunters, hot spring aficionados, back-country explorers, and birders. “Burners” also pass through every Labor Day, on their way to the Burning Man event, 60 miles south of Cedarville in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

We’ve treated our selves to the cutest little RV park you ever saw. All amenities. Looking forward to painting tomorrow!



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