Now we have to leave…

IMG_1251Sunday paper…our friend Amy Stewart got the scoop. The story that started our adventure published in today’s Times Standard! Thanks Amy! And Thanks to Heather Shelton, Times Standard’s LIFESTYLES writer for getting us published!

The studio sale will be our last hurrah. May 7th and 8th 11:00-9pm 208 C street studios  has been our place for creating artwork and community for over twenty years. So many friends have supported us in doing what we love, we’ll miss it all very much. Thanks everyone!

At this time Stock and I are parked in our trailer -named Juno, across from 208 C street studios. After the sale we’ll take a couple shakedown trips around Humboldt county and Trinidad to see how we roll…


4 thoughts on “Now we have to leave…

  1. Pick me up for the dry runs I’ll make you pasta and tamari!!! I will also do your laundry and serenade you at night


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